Recognizing that the public has set higher expectations & an unprecedented capacity for choice, either from brands or companies; from institutions or governments, we consider it vital to produce the key ingredients of success: Commitment, Passion and Credibility.

Lobby Egypt offers

Lobbying, Government Relations and Public Affairs

Having enjoyed a long career with official exposure and government entities, Lobby Egypt affects decision-making and assists companies and organizations in defining issues and setting strategies. Lobby Egypt also provides its services in expediting procedures and mitigating challenges.


Confidence, transparency and foresight are key to ensuring a company’s growth potential and attracting investors. With over twenty-five years exposure to the capital market, our team offers strong reputation management along with clear corporate communication between stakeholders. We design & execute effective and dynamic investor relations strategies to ensure a positive effect on the relevant community with utmost attention given to the impact, credibility and timeliness. Our understanding of the industry’s dynamics and landscape position us to showcase your corporate story.

Business Transformation

Lobby Egypt offers its services to assist in creating, capturing and sustaining value. LOBBY EGYPT & CORE ADVISORY help companies decide on a clear business path. We help our clients set the foundation for profitable relationships. This includes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), repositioning, risk management, mitigating damage, reputation management, transformation, expansion, divestitures, mergers and IPO’s.

Media Relations​

Conventional media relations remain an integral part of the services provided by our company. With decades of experience in the field, Lobby Egypt identifies client needs and caters to its fulfillment through select outreach to traditional media.

Digital Communication & Production​

Today’s communication tools enjoy sharpness and focus. It satisfies the targeted and measured approach to reach the identified stakeholder. At Lobby Egypt we satisfy our clients’ needs through reliable tailored programs.

Strategic Planning​

Amidst an uncertain economic climate, businesses and organizations must be focused towards achieving their clear objectives. At Lobby Egypt, we make sure that a clear strategy is adhered to in order to reach them while at the same time having a clear understanding of the current standing. We develop implementable marketing-communication strategies with the identified stakeholders in clear sight. We identify actions and engagement tools from events to roadshows, from media engagements to sponsored activities and from fully-fledged audio-visual productions to digital campaigns. Our efforts include BTL / ATL services with credible and long-lasting impact.


A key word in a world with strained resources, sustainability is a key ingredient for the efficiency of any organization. At Lobby Egypt, we advise on the best strategic approach to make the greatest impact. Our communication approach is built to last on the bases of well-defined Objectives & Key Results as well as Key Performance Indicators with the wise engagement of the relevant resources, expertise and programs based on professional monitoring and evaluation benchmarks.


An integral part of any sustainability effort is Governance. This is why Lobby Egypt believes that good Governance leads to outstanding results. Having worked with listed companies, it is imperative that Governance principles are adhered to in order to safeguard stakeholders’ interests as well as uphold sustainable results.

Image Building​

Perception is key, therefore an image is pivotal to impact business stakeholders. This is why credibility, trust and integrity are key to a successful effort while building a sustainable image.

Crisis Management Communication​

At Lobby Egypt we understand what a client needs when in Crisis. Since time is of essence, a proactive approach is at the heart of the mobilization effort. An honest approach is the shortest way to address issues at a time when an organizations’ reputation and existence is on the line. We prepare our client’s in good time for the challenging ones.

Financial Communication​

With a major effect on Globalization, the world economy faces new realities and uncertainties. Businesses are under great pressure to survive, adapt and grow in a world that has been distanced physically and brought closer together, virtually. To this end, many companies are realizing the need to link financial and non-financial performance. This is where Lobby Egypt & CORE ADVISORY offer their expertise.

Public Awareness & Social Communication

At Lobby Egypt we create tailored public awareness campaigns to engage, reform and mobilize. Our ‘Call to Action’ campaigns are based on well-developed communication tactics utilizing the best communication tools to achieve pre-determined goals based on scientific findings.