“Making P.R. the Lead Discipline
in the Communications Mix.”


• Our client/partner is the sole star & LOBBY EGYPT is behind the scene.

• Every client/partner needs something a little different and requires communications solutions at finger-tip, at the right time and place. "Creativity, rather than cloning is the inspiration."

• Our client/partner's image is conveyed through individualized messages.

• PR is your/our early-warning system to help anticipate trends among target audiences, monitor variables & use research and appropriate communications techniques to have a long-term effect.

"We avoid the big-bang approach in order to have a sustainable imprint."



• Delivering informed analysis, strategic thinking, creativity, excellent execution and sound measurement.

• Embracing honest and open communication channels along with prompt and accurate responsiveness.

• Ensuring that all communications are ethical, forthright and timely.

• A clear commitment to the sound financial management of the partner's business to ensure a sustained and stable growth; as well as mutual benefit.


Quality + Integrity + Respect + Entrepreneurial spirit
mutual benefit & success.


LOBBY EGYPT is a mind-setter it is your launching pad to higher degree of success

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